When Jennifer Gonzales' husband, John, gave her an Italian charm bracelet for Valentine's Day in 2002, Jennifer - a huge Sacramento Kings fan - searched in vain for a Kings charm before deciding to create one herself.

She visited the Team Store at Arco Arena to ask about licensing, and a helpful employee called Kings' co-owner Gavin Maloof and let Jennifer leave a message. She was stunned when Maloof returned her call and directed her to a contact at Arco.

Jennifer recruited her first rep - a charm-store business owner--and they collected a 20 percent deposit from interested charm retailers across the country. Jennifer and John set up a work space in their living room for the charms. "Everyone who knew us thought we were crazy," says Jennifer.

After four months, they moved into a small office and began hiring employees. The company's growth has allowed them to expand from the original charm line into a full line of Pro and Collegiate jewelry and accessories. Jennifer and John were featured in the summer issue of Entrepreneurs Be Your Own Boss that featured young entrepreneurs who started multi-million dollar businesses in their home.

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